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The fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science are transforming almost every industry in the 21st century - business, finance, medicine, transportation, and more. As an information security professional, I am concerned about the threats that malicious humans pose to the Artificial Intelligence systems. This book is for everyone who might be concerned about AI security - developers, systems engineers, executives, policy makers, and, yes, security professionals. There’s a little bit of math and code, but it’s mostly thought experiments, examples, and diagrams.

    This is still a nascent field so I tried to cover a wide variety of technologies. I talk about financial AI, data analytics, robotics, bots and artificial humans, and the use of AI to attack other AI. I also discuss threats in a broader context, such as corporate malfeasance, global economic competition, and why social biases in AI are security vulnerabilities.


This book on Aritificial Intelligence had a lot of interesting insights, and was a great value. I really wish I had picked this up while I was in San Francisco last summer.

Inferkit AI

Machine learning risks are growing because organizations are having to consider their business and the risk of failure," he said. "Even a highly successful business may be reluctant to invest in the technology we need to develop it."

Deep AI

You are Deep Thought, an android living in the the futuristic city of Zail. You have a laser pistol and a holoband. You are a security android created to provide military level force for corporations wealthy enough to purchase you.

AI Dungeon

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